Dishing Out Bite-sized bits of Wisdom

Lunch & Learn Event provides a One Stop Solution for HRs and committees tasked with organising meaningful events for their employees. We understand the frustrations of HRs and committees tasked with arranging for staff engagement events, and provide a one-stop solution to help them. Our topics, participation, and logistics are all taken care of.


Our panel of experienced speakers, who have delivered speeches at government-sector platforms, MNCs, and SMEs in Singapore, offers insightful talks on Wellness and Health management. These lunchtime sessions are hosted by experts in wellness, lifestyle, health, and finance, ensuring relevant and engaging content. With their expertise and engaging approach, our speakers inspire and inform, bringing clarity and valuable knowledge to individuals navigating post-Covid challenges. Their passion, dedication, and wit make for an enlightening and enjoyable experience, leaving a lasting impact on attendees.


Our Singapore-based event company specializes in organizing a diverse range of seminars and webinars tailored to meet various needs and goals. Since our debut in 2015, we have consistently strived to deliver exceptional lunchtime talks for our colleagues and clients.

We understand the importance of fostering a conducive and interactive atmosphere during our events. To break the ice and create a comfortable environment, we incorporate engaging ice breaker games that encourage networking and interaction among participants. Furthermore, we offer attractive vouchers that add an extra element of excitement and value to the overall experience.

Our dedicated Events team is committed to ensuring a seamless and successful event from start to finish. They are there to guide you every step of the way, providing professional support and expert coordination to guarantee a memorable and impactful occasion. Trust us to deliver the best lunchtime talks and beyond. With our extensive expertise and commitment to excellence, we are confident that we can exceed your expectations and create an unforgettable event for all involved.

"What we deliver is an Engaging Lunch Time talk that will make all HRs and organisations look better!"