Financial Literacy Topics

Why organise personal finance talks for your employees?

We curate talks that feature informative presentations aimed at encouraging growth, fostering learning, and delivering mind-blowing facts. The knowledge shared in these talks is financial roadmaps, as time is highly valued. By providing practical insights and strategies, our talks empower attendees to make informed decisions and optimize their financial planning.

Hosted by a panel with years of experience in the finance industry…

Our esteemed speakers are highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the financial planning industry. They possess the remarkable ability to captivate audiences by sharing their expertise and illustrating various tips and strategies through real-life examples. Additionally, our speakers have been invited to deliver speeches at prestigious government ministries, multinational corporations (MNCs), and thriving small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Importantly, their presentations are focused on providing valuable insights and information, with no intention of aggressive sales tactics.

Why financial talks?

Conducting financial literacy talks during lunchtime for office staff in Singapore holds great significance as it equips employees with essential knowledge and skills to make well-informed financial choices. In a country characterized by a high cost of living and a complex financial landscape, these talks play a crucial role in helping employees effectively manage their finances. By alleviating financial stress, these talks contribute to overall well-being and foster a positive work environment. Through guidance on budgeting, saving, investing, and retirement planning, employers empower their employees to proactively plan for the future and achieve their financial goals. Ultimately, these talks promote financial independence and stability, benefiting both individuals and the organization as a whole within the Singaporean context.

The Financial Mastery Blueprint provides advice on how to plan for health and wealth without overbuying or overcommitting.

CPF & MediShield Updates 2023 provides updates on changes to CPF schemes and how to maximize resources.

Money Mavericks provides a guide to adulthood, including tips to survive and thrive, and avoid the sandwich generation trap.

Retire in style with a comprehensive guide to planning for your golden years in Singapore.




Personal finance topics that we offer which are popular amongst working adults.